Women United | Baby Boxes

Women United is one of three benefactors of the Texas Tech Club's A Night in the French Quarter Charity Classic. Women United is a new Leadership donor engagement opportunity through Lubbock Area United Way, composed of women leaders in the community who give to United Way at the Leadership level. Women United has selected the prevention of child abuse and neglect as its primary focus area.

100% of Women United’s proceeds from this event will go to the purchase of Baby Boxes®.

What Are Baby Boxes?

Baby Boxes are a safe sleeping solution for families who cannot afford a crib. The idea for Baby Boxes was borrowed from Finland, where for decades new mothers have left the hospital with a maternity package that includes a box that doubles as a crib. These boxes were developed in the 1930s at a time when nearly one out of every 10 children in their country died before age 1. Providing these boxes has helped Finland achieve one of the lowest infant mortality rates IN THE WORLD.

Why Do We Need Baby Boxes?

Many at-risk families in Lubbock County do not have the resources or knowledge to provide a safe, clean space for their infants, such as a crib or bassinette. Baby Boxes are a cheap, affordable way to provide a safe sleeping solution for these families. Baby Boxes have been supported locally through a State grant to the Parenting Cottage, a United Way supported agency, who distribute them to at-risk families at no cost through Covenant Children’s, UMC Health, Lubbock Children’s Health Clinic, and the Lubbock Health Department.

Unfortunately, recent and future State grant funding has been reduced significantly and Women United in its mission to prevent child abuse and neglect is urging the Lubbock community to help support the growing need for this vital tool to protect the most vulnerable of our children. Women United hopes to help meet this need for Baby Boxes and YOU CAN HELP by attending the Texas Tech Club event on November 16.

The current cost to purchase a Baby Box is $40. Women United will use 100% of their share of the  proceeds from this event to purchase as many Baby Boxes as possible.